Electronic cigarette is a product produced for smokers, which gives the feeling of cigarettes but is much less harmful than cigarettes. The product consists of a battery and atomizer. When you pull the electronic cigarette like a cigarette, the e-liquid mixed with the air allows smoke to come out like normal cigarettes, but what comes out is steam. It is very easy to use the product with various sizes and models. To use it, you just add the e-liquid of your choice. In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes for you.

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Today, many cigarette users who hear that electronic cigarettes are less harmful are now choosing more they start to use electronic cigarette and set sail for a healthier life. So what is the electronic cigarette that more and more people are starting to use? Electronic cigarette, or as it is commonly used e-cigarette / e-hookah in many respects, they are devices that are produced by taking the smoke machines used in the cinema industry as an example, and meet the nicotine needs of smokers with less chemicals than cigarettes. The working principle of the e-cigarette is quite simple. E-cigarette vapor is formed by evaporating the content of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycerin, which usually contains nicotine. they bring.