Safe Shopping Tips

How safe is shopping online? Ways to shop securely online? How do I know if the website is safe? If you have any questions, keep reading.

Today is the age of the Internet and we can do almost everything on the Internet. Shopping is also one of the participants in this trend. If you want to shop online but have doubts, here are some things you should pay attention to. There are some important tips for this.

Security certificate:

If SSL security certificate is not used on the site you want to shop, we do not recommend you to shop from that site.

What is SSL Certificate?

This certificate prevents third parties from accessing the information you share with the site during shopping. And it secures your information.

In addition, when you log in or on the payment page, your browser will turn green to indicate that the page is secure.

When logging in or on payment pages, your browser will turn green to let you know that the page is safe.

Contact information:

Contact information must be given on the site where you will shop. (Open address, telephone, etc.) Examine the site in detail and check whether these sections exist.

Customer service:

Prioritize sites that have a support team you can contact if you have a problem. An e-commerce site where you can get support via e-mail or phone would be a good choice. If you want, you can send a trial request and evaluate it according to the response and response time.


You should not trust those who sell products at prices far below the market. The product may not be the original product and worst of all, the product you purchased may not be sent to you.